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Gel Tankini

Gel TankiniA Gel Tankini is a fantastic item of gel enhanced swimwear for women that do not want to have most of the flesh on their body exposed as would be the case with a gel bikini, but also do not want the inconvenience and restriction of a one piece gel swimsuit. A gel filled tankini is a two piece compromise comprised of a tank top – less glamourously referred to as a shirt without sleeves – and a matching bottom. Just in case you may not have heard of these for some reason, that is okay, as they only started to enter the market from 1990, and of course the bikini by far remains the most popular of the three styles of women’s swimwear.

The tankini top of course comes with breast cups enhanced by gel filled inserts to boost the appearance of your bust size, while comforting and supporting your breasts. Thus giving your boobs a larger and perkier appearance, which in turn means more confidence as you no longer feel so small and maybe lacking in definition compared to all the other women on the beach.

MaxCleavage currently offer over a dozen different gel tankini designs for the woman that loves this style including the illustrated and popular Hollywood Honey Gel Tankini Set in Red and white (this type of blend as well as pink is always popular). This particular design is available in two cuts: the illustrated version with a low waist brief, and the other version which comes with a high waist brief.

Some women may actually like the idea of having a bikini top on when they are sunbathing or in the water, while having a tank top on when they are casually strolling around. Maxcleavage have thought of this two with their 3 piece tankini sets which comprise of exactly that a bikini top, a tankini top and of course a matching briefs.

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Look good and feel good with gel bikinis from Max Cleavage

Cherry Pie Gel Bikini Set Red/White

Cherry Pie Gel Bikini Set Red/White

Cherry Pie Gel Bikini Set

Retailers MaxCleavage describe the Cherry Pie Gel Bikini as one that is “good enough to eat” and those four words sum up how we also feel about this one at Gel Bikini nicely. You can see for yuorself from the design that this piece of swimwear is truly gorgeous.

Its red and white pattern works really well. Sometimes red can be a bit garish, but not in this case. The pattern of cherry lips on a white background works beautifully and exudes confidence and allure.

And do not just take our word for it – because it is good enough for celebrities too. Have a look at Louisa Lytton in Marbella sporting this beautiful piece on holiday (Louisa Lytton in Marbella). Does she look stunning or what? This bikini has not only made her look great but also indeed enhanced her cleavage with its triple gel, one cup size boosting inserts.

You can certainly see why the Cherry Pie Gel Bikini set is a must have! A matching red sarong is also available if you would like to further accessorise your look.

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Look good and feel good with gel bikinis from Max Cleavage

The Cherry Pie Gel Bikini is just one of many fantastic gel filled bikinis available to buy now from MaxCleavage:

What Is A Gel Bikini?

What is a Gel Bikini - Hawaiian Gel Bikini SetWhat Is A Gel Bikini” you may be wondering. A gel bikini is like an ordinary bikini except it also features gel filled implants to both cushion and more importantly boost the appearance of a women’s breasts.

Designed to fill i9n the gap left behind by the bust ehancing bra market, gel filled bikini tops enable a woman to now have a great looking cleavage anywhere where she has to appear in public in swimwear. So if you are going to the beach or to the swimming baths these are fantastic.

And let’s not forget that if your gym has a sauna or jucuzzi, you will also want to relax in either of these withoutfeeling self conscious. Sitting down for a while in one place you and everyone else can’t help but look at everyone else around them. So you can feel a bit small literally if you are amongst women that seem to have a better cleavage than yours.

Gel filled bikinis come in all sorts of sizes, starting from gel bikini 30AA size, going up to 36D. So women with small breasts will find a size of bikini that fits their cup size.

These items of swimwear enable a woman to feel confident when it matters most. Bust enhancing bras are great, but as there are clothes worn on top, a woman has a range of options. A woman in swimwear has next to no options – at least that was the case until enhancing gel swimwear was produced.

If a bikini is not quite your style, not to worry, you can also get a gel tankini or a gel swimsuit, so you are fully catered for, whatever your preferred style of swimwear. If you also like to work out at the gym, you can also get a gel sports bra.

Below is a video of just one of the fantastic range of gel bikinis on sale from the small boob underwear and swimwear specialists MaxCleavage.

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Look good and feel good with gel bikinis from Max Cleavage

Gel Bikinis Debenhams | Debenhams Gel Bikini

Gel Bikinis Debenhams? Find this gorgeous Pink Ruffles Gel Bikini Set & Much More At Specialists MaxCleavageHi, whether you have arrived at this Gel Bikinis Debenhams page here on Gel Bikini from within the site itself or from elsewhere you are probably wondering about the Debenhams Gel Bikini range probably after reading an article about it. The last time we ran a search for gel bikini on the debenhams website, we only got a single result! Perhaps the products are only being sold on a seasonal basis, being that as there are articles online (here and here) about the Debenhams gel bikini, we expected to see a lot more than this. Perhaps it not worthwhile for Debenhams to keep in the product line of a busy department store out of peak season. Who knows?

The Good News
The good news is that there is a specialist in gel bikinis that has been flying under the media spotlight but which makes truly great products, the company’s whole website is based on figure enhancing products for women with small boobs. The company is called MaxCleavage. They do not just deal in gel bikinis, but a variety of other gel filled swimwear and sports clothing, plus bras, bridalwear and even accessories. So if you were looking for Gel Bikinis Debenhams, do not worry about having a limitation of choice. Find a gel filled bikini that suits you. Want a pink gel bikini? That’s fine they have several different types to choose from. Prefer a tankini or swimsuit? No problem they have those too. Gym sports bra? They’ve got it. Getting married? Look stunning in their bridalwear.

So congratulations, there is no need to look for a Debenhams Gel Bikini only to be disappointed that this is not a product that is given much attention to a large and busy department store that has so many different products to concentrate and keep track of.

Find exactly the right type of gel bikini you want instead from MaxCleavage, specialists in gel bikini and other breast boosting clothing set up by a woman with small boobs to serve the needs of other women with small boobs. Thanks for reading this article on Gel Bikini Debenhams, you may now like to go and find the perfect gel filled bikini product for you at MaxCleavage:

Gel Bikini or Breast Surgery to Enlarge Your Boobs?

Should you have a gel bikini or breast surgery to enlarge your boobs? After seeing an epidode on the Channel 4 Series The Ugly Face of Beauty I think it is something that everyone considering surgery needs to be aware of.

I think it is just far to easy for us all to get caught up in what we see on TV or in magazine – the perfect image of what we should should look like. Everthing looks great, hair, face, chest, boobs, butt, legs – everything. And unfortunately, we get caught up in that.

The problem is that there are risks, and if anyone tells you otherwise you’d better not have the operation there! One of the most alarming things is that even though there are a number of risks with the surgery itself, there is a black market of surgery practices. So you also need to take care to check out the surgery you are considering dealing with if you were to go down that route. There is risk with where you get breast surgery done and there’s risk with surgery itself. As one woman said about one particular supposedly low risk type of surgery “5% seems like nothing, unless you’re one of those 5%.” This program showed women whose lives were destroyed by surgery. You don’t need to worry abot this with a gel bikini.

Although breast surgery was not the main forcus of this particular episode, nevertheless a few cases were featured. There were breasts where a nasty highly visible scar was left behind. And another woman whose breasts ended up – well I do not know how to describe that, but she had one nipple where it should be and another a couple of inches higher than where it should be and greatly enlarged. Not a pretty site. And another woman had an implant open up and infection develop after she’d had her breast surgery. Is it worth paying a lot of money for this kind of risk, when you can pay a lot less for a gel bikini and get a better look safely?

These women wanted perfection, they wanted to feel better about bodies that they thought were inadequate or didn’t look nice. Instead they ended up feeling like monsters – they looked not just worse than they did before, but hideous, and they had to pay a substantial amount of money for this.

The bottom line was that people should not just think about cosmetic surgey as a quick fix as that is not necessarily the case at all. And you could end up far worse than whatever lead you to opt for surgery in the first place. Imagine going from feeling something isn’t as good as it could be, to feeling disgusted to look at yourself and robbed of your money and a body that looked much better before it ws touched.

Unless you really feel you must have breast surgery to enlarge your boobs, then look to learn to be happier with what you have and remember there are cheaper and safer options to get a nice like, like buying yourself a gel bikini.