If you’ve every felt self conscious about the size of your breasts, then you have probably been wondering if there is a such a thing as a cleavage enhancing bikini? The straight answer to that is yes, there is and it is more popularly known as a gel bikini. They finally bring into line the gap between women’s clevage enhancing bras which women have enjoyed for a while now (incidentally, you can also buy gel bras) and cleavage enhancing bikinis or swimwear, which sadly was neglected for far too long considering especially how exposed your body is in swimwear.

Well finally you can get a cleavage enhancing bikini now. These bikinis work by being pre filled gel implants. These implants pad out the bikini, as well as help to add support and definition to your bust, and thus your bikini enhances your cleavage just like you dersired. It does not even matter if you are a 32AA, 32b, 34AA or any other bra size that you feel a bit self conscious about, a gel padded bikini will enhance your cleavage to give your bust a much more rounded and fuller look that you can feel confident about. People will not be glossing over you as someone insignificant, they will be looking at you and thinking “wow!”

If a bikini is not your style fear not. While a cleavage enhancing bikini is the most popular cleavage enhancing swimwear item, you can get bust enhancing tankinis and swimsuits too. So if you prefer to cover up a little bit more while you are out on the beach, at the sauna, or going for a swim, you can do that, and you can have an improved looking rack on you too.

Cleavage enhancing bikinis as you may expect are not cheap, although you can easily find bargains at the odd sale, especially out of season sales. They typically start at a minimum of around £25 and have no reservations about rising up to £80 a piece for the most popular models.

Two of the most popular cleavage enhancing bikinis on the market today are in demand because the paparrazzi spotted a celebrity wearing them. Who was the celebrity you may be wondering? She is Louisa Lytton of EastEnders fame. She is the actress that played Ruby Allen. She has small breasts, but she was not going to let that stop her having fun on holiday. However it was not going to stop the press having fun either, so out came their cameras snapping shots of Louisa looking absolutely fantastic and stunning aided in no small part by her cleavage enhancing bikini.

She has made two gel bikinis popular, after being snapped in them. They are the Black magic gel bikini, and the cherry pie gel bikini. We quite like the cherry pie gel bikini the most ourselves, but hey there are plenty of good designs to be had at MaxCleavage.

So there is no need to feel insignifcanrt or embarrassed on the beach. Nor is there a need for you to keep having fleeting thoughts of getting breast enlargement surgery if that is something you are against doing. The perfect confidence boosting compromise between the two is here in a gel padded cleavage enhancing bikini. Shop not at MaxCleavage for yours.