Should you have a gel bikini or breast surgery to enlarge your boobs? After seeing an epidode on the Channel 4 Series The Ugly Face of Beauty I think it is something that everyone considering surgery needs to be aware of.

I think it is just far to easy for us all to get caught up in what we see on TV or in magazine – the perfect image of what we should should look like. Everthing looks great, hair, face, chest, boobs, butt, legs – everything. And unfortunately, we get caught up in that.

The problem is that there are risks, and if anyone tells you otherwise you’d better not have the operation there! One of the most alarming things is that even though there are a number of risks with the surgery itself, there is a black market of surgery practices. So you also need to take care to check out the surgery you are considering dealing with if you were to go down that route. There is risk with where you get breast surgery done and there’s risk with surgery itself. As one woman said about one particular supposedly low risk type of surgery “5% seems like nothing, unless you’re one of those 5%.” This program showed women whose lives were destroyed by surgery. You don’t need to worry abot this with a gel bikini.

Although breast surgery was not the main forcus of this particular episode, nevertheless a few cases were featured. There were breasts where a nasty highly visible scar was left behind. And another woman whose breasts ended up – well I do not know how to describe that, but she had one nipple where it should be and another a couple of inches higher than where it should be and greatly enlarged. Not a pretty site. And another woman had an implant open up and infection develop after she’d had her breast surgery. Is it worth paying a lot of money for this kind of risk, when you can pay a lot less for a gel bikini and get a better look safely?

These women wanted perfection, they wanted to feel better about bodies that they thought were inadequate or didn’t look nice. Instead they ended up feeling like monsters – they looked not just worse than they did before, but hideous, and they had to pay a substantial amount of money for this.

The bottom line was that people should not just think about cosmetic surgey as a quick fix as that is not necessarily the case at all. And you could end up far worse than whatever lead you to opt for surgery in the first place. Imagine going from feeling something isn’t as good as it could be, to feeling disgusted to look at yourself and robbed of your money and a body that looked much better before it ws touched.

Unless you really feel you must have breast surgery to enlarge your boobs, then look to learn to be happier with what you have and remember there are cheaper and safer options to get a nice like, like buying yourself a gel bikini.