Gel Tankini

Gel Tankini Black

A Gel Tankini is a fantastic item of gel enhanced swimwear for women that do not want to have most of the flesh on their body exposed as would be the case with a gel bikini.

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They also avoid the inconvenience, hassle and restriction of putting on and wearing a one piece gel swimsuit.

A gel filled tankini is a 1, 2, or 3 piece swimwear set. As a 3 pieced, it is comprised of a tankini top – also sometimes referred to as a vest or shirt, briefs, and a bikini top to support your breasts. A two piece set will consist of the tankini top with the gel filled cups built in, plus briefs. A 1 piece will consist of only the tankini gel filled top.

Just in case you may not have heard of tankinis for some reason, that is okay, as they only started to enter the market from 1990 onwards. And of course the bikini by far remains the most popular of the three styles of women’s swimwear.

Gel Tankini Bikini Top

Gel Tankini Bikini Top

The tankini bikini top, or tankini vest for 1 or 2 piece sets, of course comes with breast cups enhanced by triple gel filled inserts to boost the appearance of your bust size, while comforting and supporting your breasts.

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This gives your boobs a larger and perkier appearance. This in turn means more confidence as you no longer need to feel so small and maybe lacking in definition compared to all the other women on the beach.

MaxCleavage currently offer a selection of gel tankini designs for the woman that loves this style of swimwear, including the illustrated and popular black and red tankini 3 piece sets. The black version is available with classic cut briefs or hi-waist briefs.

While having a tank top on when they are casually strolling around, may be desired. If you would like the option to have a bikini top on instead for sunbathing or entering the water,a  3 piece tankini set is great. You get a bikini top, which allows you to do exactly that.

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Look good and feel good with gel tankinis from Max Cleavage