Louisa Lytton Gel Bikinis

Cherry Pie Gel Bikini Set

Cherry Pie Gel Bikini Set

Louisa Lytton Gel Bikinis – you may be wondering what they are if you do not know who Louisa Lytton is. Who is Louisa Lytton? Well she is perhaps most famous for her role in EastEnders.

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This fine actress played the character of Ruby. Roby was the over protected daughter of a gangster / thug father and friend of then Stacey Slater.

Does the picture ring any bells now? If you were not an EastEnders fan, perhaps you will recognise her if you were a fan of The Bill.

And since then she has gone on to greater success including starring in one of the American Pie sequels. Remember her now? Ahh, of course you do!

Well anyway, MaxCleavage and her ended up getting together and of course the hot topic of the moment was the discussion of small breasts. You can have a look at the video interview below where Louisa talks about how gel bikinis have really helped to boost her confidence.

Louisa Gel Bikini Set with Tie-Side Briefs - MulticolouredAnd also how one of the pretty bikinis have ended up being named after her – called the Louisa. They were a limited edition, so unfortunately you can’t buy it anymore.

Among other things, Louisa mentions how like many small breasted women, she was a bit self conscious of her breast size.

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And if you are self conscious of something about your person not being quite how you would like it, you lose some confidence too.

One day while on holiday, the paparazzi noticed her and started taking photos of her. But luckily for her, she had by then discovered MaxCleavage’s Gel Bikini’s and had purchased some to take away on holiday with her.

And this perhaps played a part in the paparazzi’s paparazzi-ing.

So while it was unexpected and surprising that the paparazzi were taking photographs of her, in her gel bikini, she felt that she looked great. And she was also with friends enjoying herself, so she was not so self conscious about it.

After all as mentioned in the video, when you are on the beach and wearing only your bikini, you may as well consider the same as if you were walking around the office in your underwear. Your complete figure is on display. So you may as well do what you can to look your best and the Louisa Lytton gel bikinis enable you do do just that.


Louisa Lytton Gel Bikinis

Cherry Pie Gel Bikini Set

Cherry Pie Gel Bikini Set

There are two different Louisa Lytton Gel Bikinis on sale. There used to be the Black Magic design and the Louisa design. Unfortunately those two designs have been discontinued and you can no longer buy them.

But the main and hottest design in our opinion is still available – the Cherry Pie Gel Bikini – Hot Hot Hot!

The cherry pie gel bikini set is one of the most popular pieces of swimwear at MaxCleavage,

It is also one of their mainstay designs. While they regularly refresh their swimwear designs, the Cherry Pie set is too hot to discontinue.

Get the Louisa look and shop for yours now.

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Also look out for the Ruffles gel bikini set which Louisa has also worn.

Look good and feel good with gel bikinis from Max Cleavage