Gel Pink Bikinis

gel pink bikinisGel pink bikinis are cleavage boosting gel bikinis in one of the most popular colours of bikinis sought after. Why? Well perhaps because pink in a bikini looks delicious and because pink has always been associated as a girl’s colour. It is a light colour and makes you think of flowers. When laptops suddenly came onto the market with coloured lids, perhaps you thought about buying – or did buy a pink one – if you are a laptop owner of course. It is and always will be a quintessential colour for women.

The pink pastel-ish colour is nice and warm, and it reminds us of the flowers that blossom in Spring – fresh new life and excitement. So it is of little wonder then that pink gel bikinis are highly sought after. And here for your convenience we’ve gathered the best pink gel bikinis on sale at MaxCleavage. We’ve also decided to include a few off pink or patterned bikinis that we thought you may be interested in too and we thought they looked too good not to mention.

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Gel Pink Bikini Selection

Cherry Pie Gel Bikini Set

Look good and feel good with gel bikinis from Max Cleavage

Our Favourite Pink In a Bikini, Pink Gel Bikinis:

Our favourite pink gel bikinis from the selection above are the Cherry Pie, Ruffles, and Pastel Passion gel bikinis.

Cherry Pie gel bikini. Okay first of all, we are cheating a little bit here, because the colours are actually a combination of red and white, so it is not strictly a pink gel bikini, but rather, a bikini that from a short distance gives an overall blurred effect of being pink. So we thought it was good enough to pass as pink. And we love this bikini because it features hot cherry lips which create a fantastic decorative pattern on the bikini top and briefs. Just as a nice accessory, which really does add to the bikini, is a cherry right at the centre of your cleavage. You cannot be anything other than one attractive lady in one of these. Louisa Lytton of EastEnders fame seems to agree as that is her wearing the bikini and she is looking full of confidence – and so she should be as she does look great! So we think the Cherry pie bikini deserves its place here on the pink gel bikini page.

Ruffles pink gel bikini. Ruffles is simply an all round nice pink bikini with attractive frill decorations on it. Most bikinis do not feature this kind of styling, so it is certainly something unique, it will make you stand out, and it looks great! You also get a choice of hi cut or tie side matching briefs – also giving you more choice over your look.

Pastel Passion pink gel bikini. Well one of the first things we love about the Pastel Passion is that it really does appear to give a nice cleavage, as can be seen in the model. She has worn a number of bikinis and this is one of the ones we feel she looks absolutely great in. The style is also a nice blend of looking somewhat understated yet highly fashionable with the pink frilly trims. And like the Ruffles bikini, you can also get it with a hi cut or tie side matching briefs.

Pink in a bikini is always a great choice of colour and the gel pink bikinis above are great choices. We hope you found the perfect piece of cleavage enhancing gel swimwear from the pink gel bikinis above, otherwise please look around the site for more interesting bust enhancing bikinis.