Gel Sports Bra

Gel Sports Bra – Black

A gel sports bra helps with one of the most embarrassing things about going to the gym – feeling a bit exposed.

Spending a sustained amount of time in the clear view of other men and women, doing an exercise routine with light clothing can be a bit daunting.

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Let’s face it, when we go to the gym and do our workouts, our eyes are not permanently fixed on the gym equipment. Not unless we are feeling so uncomfortably shy or self-conscious or anxious that we avoid looking elsewhere. But we know other gym-goers are certainly not focused solely on exercise equipment.

Perhaps to an extent they are when we’re working with weights for obvious reasons. But they especially are not when using the cardio-vascular equipment like the cross trainer or treadmill. That would be far too boring. We have to be looking somewhere.

Okay some gyms now have overhead TVs and perhaps a headphone jack built into the equipment so that you can listen and distract yourself with the TV. But even if that is the case, many of us still cannot resist taking a peak at our surroundings.

Whereas with men, you do not expect to see any outline of their intimate anatomy unless they are wearing swimming trunks in the swimming baths or sauna, with woman, cleavage is a natural part of the anatomy that is visible through sports clothing.

And so women want to feel that they are sporting a great cleavage size, so they do not feel inadequate compared to the other women in the gym. In comes the gel sports bra to the rescue.

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A gel padded sports bra will enhance your cleavage so you look much bigger and rounded out where you most need it. Best of all is that it looks natural too. They are designed to enhance your cleavage, not give you the largest pair of boobs in town.

And of course a sports bra is better to wear than a normal bra, as they are better designed to provide the support that your breasts need while exercising. A bra can feel too tight, restrictive or painful, and to go bra-less can actually damage your breasts.

This is particularly so if continuous stress will be placed on them like jogging on the treadmill. So you do need to wear a sports bra while exercising to give your breasts the required level of comfort and support that they need while you keep yourself fit and healthy.

Gel Sports Bras Protect Your Breasts From Damage

Gel Gym Wear

Gel Gym Wear – Sports Bra White

Gel sports bras, are definitely something that you should have whenever you exercise to protect your breasts.

Dr Joanna Scurr, described as an expert in breast movement at the University of Portsmouth has commented on this issue. She claims that adolescent girls at school should be wearing sports bras whenever they do PE (physical education) sessions.

Why? To avoid breast pain and long-term sagging!

And if women are supposed to start using them from a young age, what does that mean for women that have long left school and PE lessons behind?

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At the “mild” end of the spectrum this means getting breast pain, and I don’t know who really wants to experience that if they don’t have to? Exercise is supposed to be fun, not something that causes you pain. The only pain should be from pushing yourself further and building strength and endurance in your body.

But even worse, what about your image? What a lady wants to have saggy or floppy breasts because they have been stretched to much? Probably not you right? “Oh but my breasts are too small for this to be an issue for me right” you may be thinking. But read on for the answer to that question.

There are serious implications if you do not adequately support your breasts while doing exercise. And just in case you have never thought anything of it before, especially as a smaller breast sized lady, Dr Joanna Scurr points out that pain and discomfort is not linked to the size of a woman’s breasts at all. In fact an A cup woman could be prevented from doing sport to the same extent as good a woman with double F cup breasts.

So don’t put your assets at risk, secure them and boost your cleavage with a gel sports bra. Your breasts and future you will thank you for it!

So where can you buy a gel sports bra? Well MaxCleavage have a choice of gel sports bra. You can get one either in pink with black outlines or in all black. They are absolutely perfect for the AAA, AA, and small A to C cup woman to feel much more confident at the gym amongst her peers in the gym.

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Do not forget to pick up a gel bikini too, if part of your gym routine will include going for a swim, or spending time in the sauna or jacuzzi if your gym provides those facilities, especially for the latter two as eyes can only but wander when there are no other distractions about!

Feel comfortable again at the gym in a gel sports bra that makes you look good, and feel great so you can confidently get on with your workout and feel that you look as great up top as any other woman in the gym.