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Padded Bikinis

Cherry Pie Gel Bikini Set

Sometimes gel bikinis are referred to as padded bikinis.

Essentially you could say they are the same thing, although this is not necessarily the case.

Padding can include other types of material, some of which may not go that well with water, creating a problem if you want the swimwear to use for a swim or walk on the beach.

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To further confuse matters a lot of retailers of padded bikinis do not put in the description what the bikini is actually padded with.

So for simplicity what we are talking about here when we talk about padded swimwear, are bikinis, tankinis and swimsuits where the breast cups have gel inserts designed to boost the appearance of your cleavage, so that you look like you have a larger and fuller bust than the size that you are.

We like padded bikinis of the gel filled type because we believe they provide the most natural definition to a bikini over any other material filling, and also because they are comfortable. They are breast enhancement without the expensive and risky surgery that you may soon come to regret emotionally as well as maybe physically. Get the look, not the risk by grabbing great padded bikini swimwear.

Padded Swimwear from MaxCleavage UK

Look good and feel good with gel bikinis from Max Cleavage
The best retailer to get a gel padded swimsuit, tankini or bikini from is MaxCleavage. They not only retail gel bikinis, but they exist only to serve small busted women. The founder Emma Clark is small breasted herself.

She turned that challenge into an opportunity to help herself and her fellow small breasted women by starting up MaxCleavage and producing a wide range of beautiful cleavage enhancing swimwear products, including gel bras and gel sports bras alongside the gel swimwear range.

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You can find a healthy variety of gel bikinis, or gel tankinis plus a few gel swimsuits if those alternative styles are more your personal style. There are gel bras for everyday wear that comes in a variety of styles and colours and then you get a whole range of other cleavage enhancing daywear, nightwear and even bridal wear.

Whatever you need to boost up from a 32aa cup size or whatever small cup size that you are, MaxCleavage has got you covered – literally with their fantastic range of padded swimwear in the UK. Head over to MaxCleavage to shop now!